49blox released!

49blox – Published to the Android market. Let us know what you think.

Ready and waiting

49blox – updated game play video

Gameplay video updated – enjoy.

This is the final free version, ready for the Android market. Stay tuned and we will let you know once it’s published.



49Blox – Gameplay Video

Gameplay video – enjoy.



PopBlox now 49Blox

Ahh, finally back on track – had to rename our game due to a potential trademark :)

Meet 49Blox

Now feature complete:

  • Added options screen
  • 3 game speed options
  • Infinite game shifts blox similar to normal game
  • Added more credits

PopBlox – update

Overhauled the animations, now managed by the excellent tweening library Universal Tween Engine. PopBlox coming along nicely.

Still lots to do:

  • About screen (about game, licenses, credits)
  • High scores screen
  • Options screen
  • AdMob integration (but first have to publish to app market)

Trying hard to keep up with all the changes :)



PopBlox – low vision

Here are some more PopBlox screen shots (in low vision mode):


PopBlox – progress

Our feature game PopBlox is coming along nicely…..here are some screen shots (running on Ubuntu Linux!):

Website multiple personalities

Since this is our first website, we’re trying new things – please bare with us or better yet leave us a comment and tell us what you think.


Started our first game!

PopBlox – Pop the blocks and make some score, level/time limit mode and infinite mode. Using THE best 3d cross-platform library LIBGDX by Badlogic games.


  • Level/Time limit mode
  • Infinite mode – no time limit, just pure fun
  • Nice background music by Dan-O (thank you Dan-O, your music rocks!)
  • Any screen size supported (dynamically scaled game)
  • Fluid animations
  • Mode for low vision
  • Works on Android 2.0+
  • Free (Ad supported)
  • Multi-touch popping – fun!
  • Future: different type blox, publish on Facebook, OpenFeint


Welcome to the 33elements website.

Here we will endeavour to keep you up-to-date with news, events, games, development and anything else that pops into our heads.

Please feel free to browse around and make suggestions – we are open minded and happy to assist in any way possible.


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